Matt Goss, 54, was sadly voted off Strictly Come Dancing last week in a dance-off against Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh. As the singer recorded his new Christmas single The Beautiful Unknown, Matt took some time to speak to about his time on the show and the critical comments he received from not “smiling enough”. Matt admitted this was down to “stuff” going on in his life, hinting at personal woes he wanted to keep away from the dancefloor. asked the Bros singer if he paid attention to any of the critiques on social media or from the judges.

Matt admitted: “Apparently I wasn’t smiling enough on Strictly and I’m sure you know there’s stuff going on in my life that had to take precedence and I had to resolve and that.

“I didn’t want to reveal either because it was painful and I just, you know, had to hold on and I wanted to put my best foot forward, no pun intended.

“So I didn’t feel the need to share that on social media.”

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Matt also shared to Kate that he wished he could go back in time and have one last heartwarming conversation with his mum to tell her it would all be okay. 

He said: “I wish I’d gone back there and been less fearful and ask the questions that could keep me company now, you know, things that would allow me to paint a wall a certain colour that she loved.”

The Bros singer also lost his sister in 1988, when she was just 20, to a drunk driver. 

Speaking about the horrific time, Matt admitted: “She was one week away from going on a kibbutz to help people. 

“And was killed by a drunk driver and her best friend and himself, so three people died that day.” 

All this tragedy has left the singer feeling “guilty about being happy”, with the star admitting he has only just recently started to “feel okay” with his emotions. 

Matt also recently opened up about his rare muscular condition in order to give children growing up with the syndrome more confidence.

The musician was born with Poland syndrome, which is a condition characterised by webbing of the fingers and of the underdevelopment of chest muscle, according to the NHS.

Matt shared that he has “one pectoral muscle on the right side instead of two. The lower one is missing, but the upper one is fine and strong.”

However, the star has credited Strictly Come Dancing for helping his posture, and plans to reshoot campaigns.

Matt recently told the Daily Mail: “My posture has improved since being on Strictly. I want to say to the judges, you’ve made me want to improve this and be proud of my posture.

“I want to thank them. This is a journey for me – every week I am getting stronger.”

Matt recorded his Christmas single The Beautiful Unknown with RPO at Fairfield Halls in Croydon yesterday. For more information please visit his website

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